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Product Development:

Each product sold by AMG Corporation, starts its journey by understanding the component's field performance requirement. Our in-house R&D team then designs the product using specialized software. The team of highly qualified chemists formulate the product's polymer composition and select appropriate materials for the performance requirements. A prototype of each product is then developed in-house and tested on special purpose machines which replicate the field conditions to ensure a reliable design and genuine component. Once the prototype passes all the tests, the product goes for mass production

In line with our value of Quality Excellence, we ensure that the product is tested at each stage of the manufacturing process in our Quality Testing Centers. In addition, each piece of the entire product range undergoes 100% quality check before packaging.

We have made specific investments and efforts to offer better Technology and Features for a differentiated offering in our products. Some of the key Technology and Features our products offer are

7 Unique Selling Points (USP) of Brand Premier Plus

Technology - Ash Content Control <2% In Rubber.
Feature - Purest Rubber. First Sign of Quality.

Technology - Stiffness Control In Engine Mount <20kg/Mm In Rubber. In Suspension Bushes 200 To 400 Kg/Mm in Rubber.
Feature - Minimum Vibration. Less Noise.

Technology - Durability Test 5 Lacs Cycles @ 1 Hz In Rubber.
Feature - Increased & Longer Life.

Technology - Bond Strength In Engine Mount >500kg In Rubber. In Suspension Bushes >1,500 Kg In Rubber.
Feature - Better Harnessing. More Safety.

Technology - Metal Part From Pure Metal. Not Reprocessed Metal.
Feature - Ultimate Tensile Strength For Higher Load.

Technology - Hardened Bolts & Fasteners In Mount.
Feature - Improved Fatigue Strength.

Technology - Modified Zinc Phosphating (Type Z) <200 ℃ In Metal Part.
Feature - Rust Proof. Anti Corrosion. Anti Friction.

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