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Our Brand

Our Brand

After a decade of operations, AMG Corporation has revamped the identity of its flagship brand Premier Plus to consolidate and grow its position in the automotive aftermarket industry. The launch of the new visual identity marks a significant milestone and start of a new era of transformation for the company.

Our new brand identity consists of a unique symbol capturing the different types of automotive components the brand offers and a bold, modern typeface to represent the reliability and expertise of the brand in the market place.

The individual elements of the symbol come together in an upward moving stance to symbolise the commitment to growth in all aspects of the business. The red and black colours from the previous identity have been retained for continuity of the brand’s visual equity elements, but the red has been given a fresher tone to represent the energy and passion with which the brand will move forward. Overall, the new brand identity of Premier Plus is a manifestation of the excitement of a new future, renewed vigour and dynamism, modern and international outlook, the promise of reliable design and genuine components coupled with the consistent focus on quality.

Our brand promise truly reflects the comfort enhancing category of products we provide and our relentless focus on quality, thereby giving our customers the experience of "The Comfort of Quality".

Our unique new brand visual language carries across the brand story in a visually strong manner across our products new packaging. We pride in the proposition of our offerings : “Reliable Design. Genuine Components” and focus on delivering this consistently.

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